Striving to be what I am not

In some strange way, I like to believe that everyone wishes to leave a legacy behind. Children can be an easy way to achieve this, but I am referring to something a bit more permeating. People have been known to turn to art, music, science, possibly even business or politics, in the hopes of being remembered in the distant future.

Whether or not I will ever be remembered in the future is irrelevant, for the most part, but I would still like to acknowledge this as a factor in my decision. A far more pressing reason for doing this is because it is something that is hard and I have no clue how to do it. In the past 15 years I have devoured over a thousand books, lectures and various other forms of information. While I probably only remember a tiny fraction of what I've read, one thing I have come away from is that if you want to keep your mind sharp you need to exercise it, and the best exercise for the mind is to take on a skill that you have never done, then try to master it.

I have little doubt that my skills in writing will never be that of some of my favorite authors, but if I can be even a quarter as good as them, I will be incredibly proud of myself. The real goal behind this effort is to learn a new skill, and hopefully get a few people to like what I produce. I plan to make an attempt at being published, as a measure of my abilities, but I will be very happy with a few kind words by strangers.

I hear that to become a writer you need to do two things, read a lot and write a lot. I think I read plenty, but up until a few weeks back I have never really written much. At least, not in the sense of a story. My plan is to spend the next year writing, a lot. My definition of 'a lot' will likely differ from yours, but I will do my best. Given my life and my responsibilities, my goal is to devote an average of one hour a day to writing.

Occasionally, I will update this site with some form of progress or some relevant information. If you are curious, please visit in a few weeks to see what's new. If you have any advice, please don't hesitate.

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