Writing is more difficult than I had thought

I find myself spinning in circles, not sure where to go next, or how to describe an event. Initially, I simply wrote what was in my head with no concern, but the project is too big, so I hope to return to it when I have developed some skill.

My second attempt went well. An hour or two a day, and I wrote 15 pages in a few weeks. There was a great deal of jumping back and forth, changing, correcting, fixing, editing, but eventually I made it through to an end. I will revisit it in a few months, and see how bad it is.

The third attempt didn't go well at all. While I had a better direction, the genre change wasn't for me. Abandoned it after only a few pages.

Currently I am on my fourth story. It is forming into something coherent, and I am feeling somewhat good about it, but as I reread it I find it is completely lacking in color. Currently I am listening to Neil Gaiman, and I am amazed at his ability to paint a room. I have absolutely none of that anywhere in what I'm writing. Sure, there's detail, but not like that.

I can't say that this isn't demoralizing, but it won't slow me down. I have no doubt that my writing will improve, especially given how much there is to grow into.

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