Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mizozo - Your News, Argued by You!

I have been alienating this blog for quite some time and feel it necessary to explain why. Over the past year or so, the majority of my free time has been spent developing an alternative news source, Mizozo. While the site has a long way to go, primarily becuase of budget constraints, I would like to take a minute to explain the vision behind Mizozo.

With the Media spewing out propaganda in order to control the public's mind, I fealt obligated to present the people with a new avenue from which to absorb current events. Blogging is a start, but it forces readers into a single opinion, which is in and of itself a form of propaganda. Mizozo aims to deliver varying opinions and various sources to a story, ensuring that the truth exists. Using the power of people, rather than a biased editorial staff, Mizozo aims to break through the bullshit of todays media.

Mizozo has come a long way thus far, but still has a long way to go. Providing people with entertaining modules is important, but thus far we have been concentrating on content and core functionality. Now that we are confident that this aspect is ready, we are persuing the bells and whistles.

Please join the struggle on Mizozo. While registration is still currently invite-only, we do allow people to submit registration requests that we will approve eventually. We also invite people to provide feedback to improve the site's dynamic. Without the people's blessing, a website is simply a waste of space.